Having trouble finding the item of interest on a right mouse click


I thought it would be kinds neat to display the detail when the user left clicks the item in a listbox, or provide a printout of the item if the user right clicks the item.  But when I intercept that a right click has occurred, I'm not able to find what the selection was.  The SelectedIndex is still the default of -1.

Does anybody know how to find the item which the user has right clicked on?  Is that part of the event which is passed into the event?

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You can use ListBox.IndexFromPoint Method to count item index under current mouse position. Make Point from X, Y members of MouseEventHandler parameter and call IndexFromPoint.
Current selection is not changed by right click.

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This will show you the item that you clicked on with any button:

private void listBox1_MouseDown(object sender, System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs e)
      int index = this.listBox1.IndexFromPoint (e.X, e.Y);
      if (index >= 0)
            MessageBox.Show (this.listBox1.Items[index].ToString());

Attach the method to the MouseDown event of the text box
Of the LIST box, sorry
@AlexFM: sorry for repeating what you said, I just wrote the answer in the same time.
ba272Author Commented:
Thanks for the help.  The code helped too.

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