Internet Explorer "javaprxy.dll" Memory Corruption Vulnerability

I received this today:

Met with coders and they said that some of our inhouse software will not fx. w/changing security zone to high (i was going to do this through group policy).  My question then becomes is there anyway I can specifically kill this particular .dll via GP?
I appreciate the help and hope everyone is having a good day.
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you might want to check this out:

Title: Microsoft Security Advisory Notification
Updated: July 05, 2005

Security Advisories Updated or Released Today

* Security Advisory (903144)

  - Title:    A COM Object (javaprxy.dll) Could Cause
              Internet Explorer to Unexpectedly Exit

  - Web site:

  - Reason for revision: Advisory updated with Microsoft Download
                                        Center information for the registry key
                                        update that disables Javaprxy.dll in
                                        Internet Explorer.

  - Originally released: June 30,2005
  - Updated: July 05,2005



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There are a list of Microsoft tested workarounds that might work for you on the link I just posted.
bingbooAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million - I suppose I should have checked there first.  Have a good one.
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