Seperate swf files for button clicks?

I have made up one 'template' style swf file and have left a space in the middle for content based upon which button is clicked. My theory was to have a seperate .swf file populate this area once a user clicked the appropraite button. For example:

User enters the URL and the main intro/template loads up fine. There are 6 buttons.

if user clicks button1, then content01.swf fills the center blank region...

if user clicks button2, then content02.swf fills the center blank region...

etc etc.

I figured it would be easier than having one gigantic swf file to load, etc.

I know this can be done... BUT HOW?

MANY thanks in advance..
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You need to pick a level.  Doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's not zero.

Let's use 66.

Your button actions would look like this:

on (release) {
     loadMovieNum("content01.swf", 66);

Same with all your other buttons.

For your Home button, if it's the main movie with no other movies loaded, you would use this action:

on (release) {

A few extra notes.

Your framerate and stage size and background color are all set in the MAIN movie.  Any adjustments you make in the others won't take.

Since the stage size in your other movies is the same size as the main, you need to place your content accordingly so it's in the right place.


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