Creative Uptime solutions?

I am looking for some creative ideas for looking at uptime for servers.  Specifically what we are doing now, is to log onto the server and click on the network connection to determine how long the server (network connection) has been up.  Since we typically do not have switch failures on our servers, this is a pretty accurate representation of how long since last reboot.

I would like to find a utility that will grab this information for me from various servers.  Possible I could even do this in MMC?

I get an alert from the UPS when power goes out and if the servers are taken down, so I am not worried about power outages or website hits or anything fancy.  I would like to be able at a glance to see how long since a server was rebooted (or rebooted itself in the case of a power loss, etc.)

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The PSTOOLS from will do the job for you. The application psinfo.exe will tell you the uptime e.g.

psinfo uptime \\server1,server2,server3

will give you the uptime for each of the servers in turn.

Another way would be to use logparser to search the log for the record of the 'System Event Log' being started! PSINFO is the simplest.

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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
A performance monitor object is available from the Performance Monitor tool
Object: System
Counter : System Up time

Dameware also offes an Uptime counter on it's Properties tab for each server...
Handy tool too - remote control, service management, the whole enchilada....

net statistics server
but can be fooled if the server service has been stopped.
WilyGuyAuthor Commented:

net statistics server has to be done from each server, right?

ALL, I am evaluating the solutions.  Will get back within a day.
WilyGuyAuthor Commented:
CiaranDolan,  Thanks for the help (and to DanCh99 as well).

The PSINFO turned out to be perfect.  I piped it to a txt file on my web server, so I can look at it conveniently any time.

My only small problem (shared by many others) is that remote servers take inordinate amount of time to report.  I run it at night and it gives me exactly what I need by the time I arrive.

Thanks again.
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