trigger event in parent thread

Is there a way to trigger an event in a parent thread while the child thread is still running?

I can call a method when the child thread finishes using the asynch callback, but not while its running.
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of course there is.
One way that I have used for this type of situation is to actually create a *(global)* - not really global but lives in the scope of all threads- class that contains the Events. Then trigger events within this class from the child thread, and respond to them in the parent or other child threads.

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Diego PazosCommented:
Assuming the two threads are inside the same class, you can create an event in the class, subscribe to it in the parent thread, and trigger it from the child thread. You can even add parameters to the event to allow you to pass data between them.
brokeMyLegBikingAuthor Commented:
That sounds great! can you give me  a small sample, or point me to a link that shows some sample code?

What uKER described is excactly what I want to do. But i'm not sure how to declare a routine and subscribe that routine to a particular thread.

thx all!
brokeMyLegBikingAuthor Commented:
anyone have a sample?
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