trying to automate a process that prompts for response in ksh script

i am trying to automate a process that is very manual.
Have 50 files names in a file. will do a for loop and for each file name, create a clearcase element for version control.
very simple...1 or 2 commands but the clearcase software prompts me for comments between command 1 and command 2 in the script. I want the same comments for all 50 files but dont know how to automate this response?
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Hi pdadddino,

Please post your current script

David Maisonave
pdadddinoAuthor Commented:
here is script without the 'for' loop. just want to get it working for 1 file then will wrap the loop around it. I have added comments in ( ) to help explain. In this example the script hangs waiting for my comments after the 'cleartool...' command

cd /vobs/NYC_FI_PFDB/scripts                                             (simply a change in the current directory)
echo 'pwd='$PWD                                                              (echo....)
cleartool mkelem -eltype text_file ubs_ext_pos.ksh                (command to create a clearcase element. it will prompt for comments)
new version tree in new clearcase PFIT vob for PF migration  (here are the comments)
.                                                                                       ('.' tells cleartool that the comments are complete)


cleartool mkelem -eltype text_file ubs_ext_pos.ksh <<EOF
New version tree in new clearcase PFIT vob for PF migration.

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Try the above.
pdadddinoAuthor Commented:
that was easy....thanks
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