move image by name

Greetings experts,

In my program, i have an image, 2 edit boxes and a button. In the edit boxes, i input an X value, and a Y value. Upon clicking the button, the image will slowly move from its current position, to the new position, as determined by the X and Y values entered into my edit boxes.

My function to move the image works fine, however i now wish to use this function to be able to move different images. Is it possible to tell my function which image to move, by entering the name of the image into an edit box? For example, lets say i have 2 images on my form, named image1 and image2 respectively. I now enter the X and Y values into my edit boxes, and into a third edit box, i enter 'image2'. When i click the button, i need the function to move the image named 'image2' to the new coordinates. If i were to enter 'image1' into the third edit box, the function would have to move the image named 'image1' to the new coordinates.

I am looking for a solution, so that i can remove all bits of code from my function that specifically refers to an image. For example, i cannot use image1.left:=image1.left+3, as the function may be used to move image1 or image2.

To make it clear what i am looking for, i have written very brief psuedo code below.

x:=edit3.text   (where x refers to an image)

so in my pseudo code, if edit3.text was 'image2' then the second line of my pseudo code would in effect read image2.left:=image2.left+3.

Is this at all possible to achieve?
Any help appreciated.
Tried to make this question as clear as i can. please say if you dont fully understand.

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here something like this:

function TForm1.GetImage(Name: String): TImage;
  i: integer;
  for i:= 0 to ComponentCount - 1 do
    if ((Components[i] is TImage) and (Components[i].Name = Name))
      then Result := TImage(Components[i]);


  image: TImage;


  image := GetImage(edit3.text);

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GreenandroidAuthor Commented:
Well the solution you posted you be absolutely PERFECT for my needs, if only i could stop it from spitting out errors.
It really doesnt like the function you have declared, stating that Timage is an undeclared identifier etc.
How could i stop this. Did you encounter the same problem?
TImage is declared in ExtCtrls

so just include it in your uses clause
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If you have images on your form, then the component you're using should be defined already. What type of component are your images? Change TImage to that component.
GreenandroidAuthor Commented:
My silly mistake....
Thanks BlacktigerX, and a big thanks to ezraa!
Solution worked perfectly.

could it not be shortened to

function TForm1.GetImage(AName: String): TImage;
  result := findcomponent(AName) as TImage;


meikl ;-)
I guess it could meikl,

some of us are still learning the shortcuts -  :-)
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