Windows 2000 Server transfers large file it uses up all available bandwidth

In just the last few months, I've noticed that Windows 2000 Servers are unable to handle any other network traffic when transferring a large file or working with a large piece of remote data.  Here are two scenerios:

Server A:

A Windows 2000 IIS 5.0 Web Server.  At 10PM every night, I transfer a 1.5GB file to another server.  When this happens, you can not access any websites on the server AND if you happen to have a Terminal Service session open, it blacks out the screen.  The SECOND the file transfer completes, all services are restored.  There are no events in the event log- nothing!

Server B:

A Windows 2000 Server running SQL Server 2000.  There is a particular DTS package which retrieves a fair amount of data from another SQL server.  When this happens, no other nodes can retrieve data from this SQL Server.  Once the job has finished transferring the data, all services are restored.  There are no events in the event log- nothing!

The WIN2K servers are running SP4 and have the latest crits as of say 4 months ago.  At this point, I'm afraid to apply any more!

So my question is this:

1) How can I work around this issue or how can I fix it?
2) How can I throttle the bandwidth used by my own server?
3) Is it time to throw Windows in the transh and go to BSD or Linux?

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You might try setting up a small private LAN for transferring large amounts of data. Just stringing a few network cables together and creating a 192.168.X.X/24 LAN would help your problem. You could then ensure that all data transport occurs over this LAN while leaving the user access to occur over the primary LAN. I use this in my hosting solution to ensure the web traffic is unaffected by my data transfers. Gigabit cards and switches are inexpensive today.
groknitAuthor Commented:
OK, I think I can try that in a couple of weeks when I can schedule some downtime.  Is there anything else I might try?
You could have a look for some traffic shaping software for windows.
NetLimiter is a good peice of traffic shaping software, allows shaping for specific processes, scheduling max bandwidth allocations etc.

It sounds like it is just what you need!

All in all a very good program :)

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