Restore Outlook data


My computer crashed over the weekend.  Long story short, an autorecover utility reinstalled windows and I rescued the important files (text documents, etc..)

However, I had to reinstall Outlook and I could not find my old contacts and email, etc..

I believe that the contact files, email, etc. may be sitting on the hard drive and likely have not been overwritten and may be retrieved with an undelete application.

My rough plan would be to find whatever Outlook files may be on my hard drive, undelete them, and then restore them.

Although this is one question (ie. how can I get my Outlook data back?) following are the specific quesitons

1.  Is this a reasonable plan?
2.  Can you recommend an undelete program, preferably freeware?
3.  What files should I undelete?
4.  How do I restore those files?

Thanks in advance!

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Toos listed here:
You'll be looking for the PST file primarily.  Perhaps OST, PAB as well.
1.) yes, this is reasonable
2.) , ,
3.) you need to find any files with the .pst extension
4.) go to Outlook --> File --> Import/Export --> Import from another Program or File --> Personal Folder File (.pst) --> then navigate to your files, and youll be all set.

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1.  Is this a reasonable plan?
    That depends on how badly the drive was damaged. It might also depend on what file system you were using. I personally have had very little success recovering lost data on NTFS.
2.  Can you recommend an undelete program, preferably freeware?
    I've never used this one, but it is freeware:
3.  What files should I undelete?
    Outlook stores all of it's data in a singe file with a "pst" extension
4.  How do I restore those files?
    If you can recover your old "pst" file, launch the Control Panel and run the "Mail" applet. Click on the "Data Files" and hit "Add" it should walk you through the process of locating the "pst" that you recovered and setting it to open in Outlook

Those are just the initial steps. Once you get that far give a shout.

God bless!
EBrennerAuthor Commented:
I would have split the points, but I don't know how to do that, unfortunately.  Thank you, both, though.

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