Is there any solution for my requirement

Out company intend to buy some computers for our work flow, but each computer only will run a web brower application, that mean keep the brower open 24 hours. and need mouse, and keyboard,  but no any vendor sale computer like this, we are intend to buy a lot of computer with this configuration, any solution or recommendation would be appreciated.
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If that's all you need, you could pick up some old Pentium II machines that companies are throwing out and configure them as thin clients.
get it at junk yards/2nd hand shops.
or charge a 'cleaning up' fee to those companies who wish to dispose their old pcs.

most likely you will need to toss out the hard drive as they are likely to be bad anyway.

make sure they have a network card (or buy second hand ones. new ones are around 5usd nowadays)

try booting with a livecd with beatrix ( (a variant of linux purposely for application like yours)
you may need to get a cdrom drive (around usd 15)

i havent figureout network boot yet. anyone can help?
Even though your computers will only use a web browswer in their workflow, they still need to run an operating system of some sort.  You will need to determine if your web hosted application requires a Microsoft web browser, or if you can use an open source broswer such as Mozilla.

If you can use Mozilla, then you may be able to run "barebones" Linux system (which would reduce the software cost of the solution)

You can get "barebones" solutions from most vendors.  Here's a link to one:

If you require only a web browser you can use a thin client with windows ce and internet explorer.

HP ( ) and igel ( ) build such machines
While a thin client would work, you would end up paying around $500 for each thin client and then expect to drop a few thousand on a fairly nice Citrix server. A cheaper solution would be to buy a refurbished system from an online vendor, but perhaps slightly higher than a Pentium 2. One vendor I have had very good luck with is, they get a lot of wholesale computers both used and refurbished and resell them for good prices. Forinstance:

This Celeron 2.6ghz complete system (minus monitor) is $279 (refurbished):

That is far beyond the power required to run a browser, and they also come preloaded with Windows XP Home. The downside of that system is the fact you will need to upgrade to Windows XP Professional to connect it to a domain, which I imagine you will need to do. Other than that you could always try to find a distribution of Linux for it and just reformat, this will leave you without Windows compaitability later on if anyone decides they need other applications.

This desktop version of the above is also available from them for $334 with Windows XP Pro already installed:

Another good vendor of used/refurbed computers is, just watch out for any of their offerings which have mail in rebates. Absolutely DO NOT purchase anything from them with a mail in rebate as you will most likely never see that money come back to your company. Here is a decent system from them:

$249 and you get a IBM P4 1.6ghz system that just needs an OS, and as mentioned before you can slap a distribution of Linux on it for free.

I should think between those two outlets you could certainly find a suitable system for a very good price, hope it helps.

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