C# Application Thread is running away

I think I have some run away threads...

I am creating threads, like so (for a custom MessageBox that I have made):

Thread newThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(this.threadMethod));

Now my application's memory is constantly growing... and will not stop...

Is there a way to clean up Threads that are finished running?
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When the thread is finished you can set newThread=null; and see if that helps any.
try this one

newThread.Dispose(); //I think it should help
SPUH dispose is not a method for threads.  Unless I am missing something somewhere along the way.
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Yes, thats true, I was wrong. May be this one disposes the Thread: newThread.Abort();
Doe ThreadMethod() ever exit?
newThread.Abort() "Raises a ThreadAbortException in the thread on which it is invoked, to begin the process of terminating the thread. Calling this method usually terminates the thread."  


This is not the graceful way to take care of this.

When a thread is finished executing it should eventually be collected by the Garbage Collector.  However, one never knows when the GC will be called.

Also, what are you doing within the code on the new thread?

Check this little tidbit out... requires less scanning than msdn.


Do you perchance use a timer that never gets disabled?
In c#, once a thread (or any object) is done, the clr's garbage collector gets rid of all memory used. That's why it is called managed code and managed memory.

A thread is considered done when the executed routine is finished. Could you log all entries and exits from your thread? My guess is you are possibly doing something in the thread that never ends or uses enough cpu cycles, that among all the threads, the clr never gets to clean up.


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