Window opens in wrong place

I can't tell if this is a word problem or a windows problem, but right now it only affects word.

It's a really dumb problem, but the user assures me it's a crippling inconvenience for them.

When the user opens a single MS word document everything is fine.  The program opens up just fine and the window displays properly.

When he opens additional word documents, they are instantly "shoved" all the way over to the side of the screen, forcing him to drag them to the center of the screen where they can be viewed properly.

I've banged my head against this for too long already and I can't figure out where such a setting might be stored, or how I could go about resetting the window placement defaults.  It's a difficult problem to search on, as all of the keywords one would typically use are extremely common in a variety of documents.

Hopefully someone here has had this problem before and knows the quick fix.  I don't really want to spend the 30 minutes it will take to uninstall office and reinstall it and reconfigure hopefully the solution is less drastic than that.
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Try this, I did and it worked (to my amazement)

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One exception, the example uses Internet Explorer.  Follow the same steps using Word instead.
msluneckaAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I do that with IE windows all the time.  I tried doing it with the Word windows too but it didn't help.  The first window I open up will stick to the position I set via the method your recommended, but  subsequent open windows all push to the left.
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I was only able to reproduce this when the first window was to the extreme right of the desktop.  Try moving the first window into the center of the desktop.
What version of Word is this for?
msluneckaAuthor Commented:
It's word 2003

I'm not quite clear if you've done this already, apologies if you have: on the Word windows that open way over to the left drag one into the centre of the screen.  Hold the Ctrl key down and double click on the window banner - this should maximise the Word window.  Shut it down and re launch it, this time it should open maximised.
msluneckaAuthor Commented:
Ended up reinstalling office.  It wasn't what I really wanted to do, but it solved the issue.   Nothing else I tried worked.  Thanks for the help though.
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