Cross domain shares

I am getting stumped.

I have a test environment set up. I am trying to get a client in one domain to access shares in a seperate domain. Also have a user in one domain access an exchange server in that seperate domain. I have a single forest with 2 seperate domains.
ABC.local and XYZ.local. I have 2 sites setup SiteA and SiteX with a DC in each. The trusts seem to be setup and each site has a GC. The DC is also a file server and the XYZ.local hosts the exchange server. Which is also the Schema master. What I want is the least amount of CALs needed to purchased.

User logs into ABC.local takes up a CAL. This client is able to access a share on Server.ABC.local using the group I created in the ABC.local domain. Then I browse to a share on the Server.XYZ.local in which I created a group and added the user to that group. But this user cannot even open the share. I give everyone full and full, Share and NTFS. I don't see any errors in the event viewer on either server. I do see a CAL taken up on the Server.XYZ.local stating it is from the ABC domain.

What am I missing? The purpose of this exercise is so a user in ABC.local can access their mailbox in XYZ.local without creating the same user in both domains and having to purchase a user CAL in both. If I can't even get this share working I am not sure I will be able to get the mailbox working.

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Try creating a local group on for access to the NTFS folder.  On the share use Authenticated Users - Full.

Create another Global Group for the cross-domain users - add this to the local group you created above.  Now, add the user to the Global Group.

He/She will need to log off then back on to reset their access token.


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Templar_mAuthor Commented:
I tried that and but went through your steps to make sure we are on the same page. I am getting this message on the client when I try to access the share.

"Configuration information could not be read from DC. Either because the machine is unavailable or access has been denied."
Templar_mAuthor Commented:
Just a note. I can access the SYSVOL on that domain controller.
Templar_mAuthor Commented:
It worked. I assumed I was able to access the server using the \\XYZ.local\share. I was able to see the share but not access it. I put the \\Server.XYZ.local\share and that worked. My assumption was based on the fact I was able to access the SYSVOL.

Interesting lesson.

Yes.  You must access the share by \\servername\share.

If you want to access shares by \\domain\share you need to use DFS - but cross domain access adds another level of permissions to figure out.

Glad you're up and running.

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