Spell checker switching to French

We've got a very odd problem that one of our users is experiencing.  Every now and then when they are using Word XP the spellchecker switches over to French from English(UK).  The user has check as you type enabled and they notice the problem when suddenly the bulk of the document is suddenly underlined in red.

Going into Spelling and Grammer confirms it as being Fench and when I check in Language setup for them it is showing as French also.  I've checked in Regional Setting in Control Panel and it is showing Uk as it should and now seciond region or language is installed.

any suggestions?
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Check to see if there is a hot key set up to switch the languages.

Control Panel>>Regional and Language Settings>>Languages Tab

Click Details under the Text Services section.
Click Key Settings under the Preferances Section
DubberDanAuthor Commented:
Nope, there's no hot keys set.
Do you have all of the service packs installed?  You should be on SP3
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Eric FletcherCommented:
If the user copies anything from a file set with the French language attribute, then types within it, all new copy will have that inherited attribute -- much like typing within bold and having all new characters set in bold. This is quite a common situation in offices where content comes from multiple sources. It also happens unexpectedly when copy comes from other word processors where the language attribute may be misinterpreted (I've found oddball stuff like Swahili in content traced back to copy and pastes from an old WordPerfect file: who knows if they had done it on purpose or just gave up on all the apparent spelling errors!)

If you are sure no foreign language attribute is actually needed, select everything and reset the language to whatever is used in your Normal style. Note that this will eliminate intentionally-set language or "do not check spelling" attributes. To avoid the issue for pasted text, use Paste Special and select "Unformatted text" (but do be aware that all other formatting attributes will also be lost).
DubberDanAuthor Commented:
rvidal393 - I'll check on the service packs, but I think they're up-to-date.

Eric - Hmm, I can see where you're coming from but we've never had Wordperfect or such like in the building, and it is happening on documents created by our own users (either that user or others).  So I don't think that could be causing this.
Try going to

Word-Tools-Language-Set Language- a pop up box will appear for Languages.  Click the default button- a message should appear "Do you want to change the default language to English (U.K)?-Click Yes.

Also, check in Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs-Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003-Change-Add or Remove Features-Next-Put a checkmark in Choose Advanced Customization of applications-Next-Expand Office Shared Features-Expand Proofing Tools- and see if French is installed.  If it is you should be able to uninstall it from the Currently Installed Programs box.

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DubberDanAuthor Commented:
Language was already set to default to UK.  But I have gone into control panel and uninstalled French from the proofing tools so hopefully that should sort it.
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