How can I shrink my Windows 2000 Local Profile?

Hey guys, I am using Win 2000 Pro Local login on a standalone desktop and after checking my profile it's nearly a whopping 2 gigs. How can I shrink it back to normal? There's gotta be tons and tons of cache and stuff in there that I can truncate.

Any help is appreciated.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Go to the Internet Options Control PAnel and on the General Tab, click "Delete Files"

Then check "%userprofile%\local settings\temp" (enter that, with quotes, in the Start Menu Run box and remove everything with a .tmp extension.  A few may return an error if they are in use - just check their dates.

And what e-mail app do you use?  Your e-mail is often stored in your profile and if you don't delete messages, that could be the reason it's so large.

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Here's a few steps to follow. Try these and see what size the profile is after completing them.

1. Clear the IE Cache  (Tools -> Internet Options -> Temporary Internet Files)
2. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\YOURID\Local Settings\Temp & delete everything in there.
3. Clean up your destkop
4. Clean up your My Documents, My Pictures, etc

Try those to get started - then we'll see what's left.
gchiropoulosAuthor Commented:
I did all that and STILL HUGE. I right clicked on %userprofile% and clicked properties and it came back with a WHOPPING 9.64gb 9708 Files.
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Your desktop and your My Documents folder are included in your profile.  If you have movies or music they are likely in your My Documents folder.  You probably do not want to delete them.
You can also run CLEANMGR at the Run prompt.  That should help you get rid of unnecessary files.
I agree with robrandon...I think you're missing the fact that all of your My Documents & desktop items are in there & that's what's taking up a lot of room.

You can get a program from JAM software called Tree-Size.  You install it & then it will tell you exactly what is taking up so much room on your hard drive (with pie charts etc)

Let me know if you have any questions on that is VERY good
rustyrpage is 100% correct - treesize is one of the best tools for this kind of stuff.
In addition to that, it will also tell you how much room each file type takes up, each user takes up etc.  You can download one for free....or you can buy it (I bought it about 2 years ago & still get E-mails about every other month about upgrades with new features).  It is a MUST have for any server admin.  I run it to check what users are taking up the most space on my servers, and to verify that there aren't any MP3s, and only business related movies!
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