booting to xp pro without cd drive


my ibm thinkpad's cd drive broke so i needed to load xp pro coz i have no operating system but when i go into bios i don't have option to boot to usb device so can't use external cd drive either.  Any advice on how to install xp on thinkpad if cd drive is not working?  I saw option for network boot and intel lan awake option for nic card but don't know how to use these options.  Really need to load operating system since i am out of the country and need to set up laptop for work.  Also thought about flashing bios to most recent and maybe it would give option to boot to usb.  Thanks.
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If your hard drive is bootable, you might be able to copy the files to your hard drive and install from there.  You still need to copy it from a working CD drive, so you may need to do it over a network.
eservandoAuthor Commented:
cd drive on laptop is broken so do you know steps involved in booting to network or using pxe option on intel built in network card? This is useful since it would also help me out if i lose operating system in future and need to boot to external source besides local cd drive or hard drive.  Also, does anyone know if thinkpad bios update would allow option for usb boot?  thanks.
If you have a floppy drive, look at the options on for making a bootable floppy that has network capability.
Can you get hard drive out? You could try putting it in another laptop with a CD drive, do a basic OS install from there, create a folder on see to hold windows, copy the CD contents to it.

Put back in you machine and see if it boots, then do a complete install from the hard drive to make sure you have the correct drivers for your machine. Doesn't always work but sometimes works (even better if you can find someone with the same PC model).
to add to CarlPritchard's post.
you can get the laptop hdd adaptor that will allow you to plug in the laptop hdd into a desktop.

most laptop disks are 2.5" IDE disks. they are usually covered by manufacturer and you may not notice that there are standard disks inside. they add proprietary connectors so that the drive can be plugged in particular laptop only, unless opened.

you can get the adaptors that will allow you to plug the hdd via onboard ide controller or USB. make sure that you set the bios to "AUTO" if you plug in the hard disk onboard and not USB.

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