Lantastic 7.0 and 3C509 Remote Boot Rom

We have a legacy POS application running on a Lantastic 7.0 Server. I want to connect to the server with a 3C509 card via a remote boot installed on the card. I found a boot rom that supports RPL but it doesn't mention anything about Lantastic support .

Should it work, if not, is there any other brand of card/remote boot rom that is known to work?


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Lantastic??? *chuckle* Gads, I haven't even SEEN that since 1987 or 1988. Only set up 2 or 3 networks using it.

From what I recall, no, Lantastic did not have any Remote Boot or PXE support. It was a very bare-bones peer-to-peer network infrastructure, even moreso than LANMAN, which itself is fairly crude.

While Novell did buy it and repacked it as the ill-fated (and deservedly so, like M$ Bob) "Personal NetWare", they dropped it long ago. I dunno if you can even find any docs for it from them (and they're usually good about keeping at least the docs for their old stuff online).
Just checked the Novell Documentation Archive - - and no mention of it there. No big surprise, since about the oldest thing there is NetWare v3.12 docs, and that (as I recall) post-dated the Lantastic/Personal NetWare debacle. Personally, I ditched my Lantastic disks and docs about 10 years ago when I started setting up servers at home.

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