Windows Server 2003 Domain Controler

Hi guys!

Something strange append yesterday and I need your advices.

Somone was working in a Excel Spreadsheet on the File Server.  Someone else tried to open the same Excel Spreadsheet and a popup message appear saying That "Manager Report.xls" is currently locked for modification bye "ld1601jd" ---> this is the user password and not is username????  I'm really concern about this situation.

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"ld1601jd" is the users username
if you open any office file on a server at the sametime as someone else it goes into read only mode.. so the 2nd user cant save any changes.
polycorjspAuthor Commented:
the user name is "ldutil" and her password is "ld1601ju"...  That's what is concerning me...
hehe, trust me, its not the password. I assure you.
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well what I mean is, OK that might be her password.. but windows wasnt showing you the password, it was showing you a username.

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polycorjspAuthor Commented:
That's what I tought but imagine the reaction at the office...  Image who's getting all the calls from other employee and the Big Boss!!!!  I was concern about a security breach in office or windows...

np, glad I could help :)
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