How to setup MYSQL and PHP on my 2003 web server

I am new to this and have recently decided to get a windows 2003 web server on a rental deal from my ISP.

I'm trying to setup the server to allow me to get used to hosting both simple and database driven websites.

My server has been running fine for over 4 months with the simple stuff I have thrown at it and it's now time to get my head around websites with databases.

I have got hold of PHP and MySql and I'm now stuck. I want to be able to host PHP pages and also setup databases for a number of different websites, each website having it's own individual user that can only use their allocated database.

I have decided to stop trying to play & learn my way through this and instead want to get the advice I need to make sure I setup my server correctly.

Where do I start?
What do I need? It has to be free.

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These are two of the simplest setups you will ever do on Windows.

First you need MySQL for Windows and then you need PHP for windows. Both of them should be the binaries.

For MySQL follow -
For PHP follow -

You can now install something like PHPMYADMIN as in this article -

Alternatively you can do all the MySQL admin using the MySQL Administrator ( which is my preference.

Under MySQL be aware of the different users and their access. When you create a user you will specify where they can login from - generally for a server set up like yours you would specify <user>@localhost. Then you would 'grant' that user access to each of the databases they need access to.

How is your MySQL and PHP knowledge? The setup is easy - the development of the end applications is not.

It's all free although investing in a good book on MySQL/PHP applications would probably be a good idea.

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oktohostAuthor Commented:
The comments were only re-itterating what I had already mentioned as the above links go to the sites I already downloaded the software from and had read.

thanks for the 1 response, but yes please close this now.

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