TRAP 00000002 EXEPTION tr=0028 cr03FF base 0003F000 idt limit=07FF base 0003F400

Hi, experts!

I just received the following message from my machine on a boot up:

TRAP   00000002  EXEPTION tr=0028   cr03FF   base  0003F000  idt limit=07FF  base 0003F400

cs:eip=0008:0040D985  ss:esp=0010:0005DFD0  errcode=0000  flags=000000096

NoCy  NoZr  IntDis  Down  TrapDis  

eax=8008A340  ebx=8008A4B0  ecx=8008ABF50  edx=0005E04C

ds=0010   es=0010  edi=00000098  esi=00000000   ebp=0005DFE8

cro=80000011  fs=0030  gs=0000

please, translate   ... :)
 and what should I do about it?
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If this always happens, I would try swapping the RAM with ones that I know work.  The error message doesn't point to anything specific, except that the system crashed while trying to boot.

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it can be anything, as said by Callandor, the Ram is a good starting point, try swapping it or run one stick at the time.
I found also references to a bad Processor, or motherboard.
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