Need to halt execution of code for brief timeframe

I am new to VB and my code is executing so fast that it is processing some files before the previous file finished processing.  Is there a command that will halt execution for a very short timeframe say .5 to 1 second before it continues?  I have been looking at Sleep but don't know if that is best or if there are other commands that are more useful.

Thanks in advance,
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You can use:

Public Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

Then call it using:

Sleep (500)

Or you can do something like this:

Dim sngTimer As Single
sngTimer = Timer + 0.5
Do While Timer < sngTimer

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Either will do the job.  But, if you time it out just right so that the 1/2 of a second lands at exactly 12:00:00 AM midnight, it might cause a problem so you can do something like this:

Dim sngTimer As Single
Dim sngStartTimer As Single
sngTimer = Timer + 0.5 '**** Add 1/2 second (500 ms) to the current time
sngStartTimer = Timer '**** Store the current value of Timer
Do While Timer < sngTimer '**** Loop while the value of Timer is less than the start time plus 500 ms
     If Timer < sngStartTimer Then '**** If we hit midnight and timer is now less than it's starting value, exit the loop
           Exit Do '**** Exit the loop
     End If
     DoEvents '**** DoEvents so we don't look like the program isn't responding
BubbaisBestAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all your help codeconqueror.

I just used the Sleep methodology and it comes out fine now at .5 seconds.

No prob. :)
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