snmpwalk - SunOS 5.10 - i386

Hi All,

I have a SunOS 5.10 box on 1386.

I need to run snmpwalk to query a router for its IP address to set up dynamic DNS.

I do man snmpwalk, and get the man page 100%.

But when I try to run snmpwalk, I get:
-bash: snmpwalk: command not found

Which (I think) means it's not in my path, my path contains:


I've tried the find command, without luck.

I've downloaded the source, ./configure seems work, but the Makefile remains empty, so make doesn;t work, also no help from the README.

What would the path to snmpwalk be or how can I resolve this?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Mine is a default installation and was loadied in :


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Make sure you have these 4 packages installed

 SUNWmibii, SUNWsacom, SUNWsadmi, and SUNWsasnm

m0nk3yzaAuthor Commented:
Hi pshattuck,

Thanks for the fast reply!

That's what I was looking for.

Let us know if you are up and running
m0nk3yzaAuthor Commented:
Hi pshattuck,

snmpwalk is behaving very nicely, thx.

Just a quick question (should be a new question, I know).

However, I use this command in a script to post the results to our server:

fetch=`fetch -o - "$hostname&domain=$domain&ip=$ip&password=$password" 2>/d

Once again: "man fetch" works, but I can't find the fetch cmd.

How do I determine the path to fetch?

Thx again
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