Cannot break my code.

Hi Experts,

I do not require any assistance with my code. In this question i need to know how to break it.

I have run into a problem where if I run my application in, it wont break when it comes to a breakpoint. It just keeps on going. Also sometimes when i have broken it by using the break tool button a message box appears saying "no source code avaliable".

I am new to and cant understand why this would be happening,


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If you are using Visual Studio then you need to make sure it's set to "Debug" rather than "Release". Look in the configuration manager under "Build" up top.
Just to clarify. When you are in "Release" mode then it doesn't stop for breaks. You need to be in "Debug" mode.
TommyTwoPintsAuthor Commented:
Thats what it has always been set to.

Any other ideas?
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Your logic is off when the app is trying to run.
it starts in  New and goes to the next event. If the order is confusing the debugger can't stop on any code.
You say you are new to
One thing you might want to do is compare your code to a micro$oft code here are some samples...


Link for ASP programs... 

It might help in trouble shooting your code.

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Bob LearnedCommented:
What are you trying to debug?  ASP.NET or WinForms?  A form, within the InitializeComponent method?

TommyTwoPintsAuthor Commented:

I imported the and im trying to move files from one directory to another.

It works in other routines but in oine particular routine it isnt.

I just want to be able to step through the code and see what was going on, I guess i can look at values by putting message boxes in displaying the values for me as i go throught the code. This problem never arose in any version of visual basic i have used.


Bob LearnedCommented:
Debugging is a lot more powerful now, but this power brings many more opportunities for failure.

Can you describe the setup that you have for your application?

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