Removing Background from a JPEG or BMP image

Can anyone suggest a FREEWARE piece of software that allows for a JPEG or BMP image to be edited in the following manner, using this example:

EXAMPLE:  A JPEG photo of a car with trees in the background.

1.  Software must be able to distinguish the borders of the car and allow for copying or cutting the image out.

2.  Software should also hold the cut/copied image and allow for Pasting in another application (it stores image in the Clipboard).

I'll award the points to the EASIEST/BEST suggestion, or at least to the software that comes closest to letting me perform this operation.  


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I think I would try Gimp from

If you have $70 or so, I would consider Photoshop Elements a worthwhile investment.

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I have to vote for the GIMP.
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>..I'll award the points to the EASIEST/BEST suggestion..

I'd "vote" for The Gimp too, but while it may be the "best" freeware, it has a bit of a learning curve and not the "easiest".

If you want to spend $99 you can download PaintShop Pro, which in my opinion is powerful and easy to use:
TXShamanAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your submissions.  I chose PhotoFiltre because it was VERY easy to use, even without the tutorials.  I've downloaded GIMP before and found it confusing - too many features.

Again, thanks for the suggestions, all.

You're welcome, TXShaman, and thanks for the A!
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