How Can i findout how good a keyword is ?


How Can i findout how good a keyword is  for my site?
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>How Can i findout how good a keyword is  for my site?

If you look in your server logs and see the keywords used on search engines. Tabulating the frequency will tell you which are the most used for your site.

- duz
Unfortunately, there is no paint-by-numbers approach available for selecting the right keywords for your website.  Nevertheless, good keyword research is an essential component of any serious site SEO.  Everyone seems to have their own approach and this one is as good as any I've seen - http:/Q_21272204.html#13032040.
Are you trying to find new keywords or determine the effectiveness of keywords you're bidding on? To find new keywords, all major SEM firms use

To judge the effectiveness of pay per click campaigns (or even to determine the effictiveness of keywords delivering traffic to your site for free, this is a MUST-HAVE tool!!

Let me know your scenario and I'll explain in greater detail.

makctgAuthor Commented:
Hello Dave
Thanks for your help

I need to know the effectiveness of keywords I have chosen for my site

that means how good it is for my site to get free trafic as well as ppc campaign

i m looking forward to your comments
Interesting dilemma. It's like having a crystal ball for your website. Initial keyword research helps greatly to determine what keywords to optimize for. HOWEVER, just because you get traffic from a keyword doesn't mean it's a good keyword. Traffic is good, but converting traffic is WONDERFUL!

Here's how I do it when I start a new website project...

1. Research for keywords using wordtracker, brainstorming, etc.
2. Optimize for my best-bet gut feelings (usually the very specific terms, not the general terms)
3. Start bidding on ALL of the terms I find (not necessarily in top positions, but at least bid on them to start getting traffic on those terms.)
4. Track results using
5. Look at what keywords I'm getting conversions for (free or PPC) and then start optimizing for the high converters.

If you optimize and don't bid on terms, you could spend months trying to get placement to find out that the term isn't a good converter for you. I like to know that within a couple of days.

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