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Hi Experts,
I have windows 2000 professional installed in my pc on c: drive,i had some prooblems  in my pc ,so i installed another windows 2000 pro in different folder under C: drive.
When i resterted my pc,it gives me the option to choose which Windows 2000 to log in so i chose the second one which i installed.
The problem is that it doesn't prompt me to enter my username,password and the domain.
So i couldn't  see any servers in the network,my question is how to enter the username,password and domain and see all the settings to my network as in my previous windows 2000 instalation
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You will have to first connect the PC to the domain. Right-Click on "My Computer", then select "Properties", and then the "Network Identification" tab. Now use the "Network ID" or "Properties" button to join the domain. You should then answer the questions of the wizard to join the domain. If you don't have the correct rights to do that inside the domain, you won't be able to do that, so make sure your system administrator hasn't taken away those rights.
lion79Author Commented:
what about letting the propt window appear when entering windows to ask for username and password and is it ok if i uninstall the old windows 2000,if so how do i do it?
When you have joined the domain, the login prompt should show up. If you want to reinstall all the programs etc., you can also just delete the winnt directory of yoour old installation.
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lion79Author Commented:
i have now 3 waindows to choose from,the new windows i installed and 2 other one is 2000 and one is xp,i already deleted the old windows floder(winnt)from the c drive,so why is it shown in the start up screen? and how caan i remove the xp?
edit the c:\boot.ini either by hand, you'll have to make sure to change the file attributes from read only to writeable, and you also have to make sure that you have setup the folder options to show hidden files.

You can also edit this file via control panel, advanced, startup and recovery, Edit in the Systemstart section (this only works in XP), here you can remove the entry you don't need anymore.
lion79Author Commented:
i couldn't find control panel, advanced, startup and recovery
In windows XP, right click "My Computer", select "Properties", then the "Advanced" Tab, now in the "Startup and Recovery" section hit the "Settings" button. Now you will see "System startup" and a "Edit" button. When you click on that button, it opens up boot.ini in notepad. This only works under XP. with 2000 you have to do as I mentioned in the first part of my last post.

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