Backup & Restore AIX 5.2

We are currently building a disaster recovery plan for our AIX 5.2 systems.

What is the best way to back up the system to tape?

Right now we are doing nightly mksysb backups M-F and a seperate nightly job that backs up user volumes.

Commands we are currently using:

For the rootvg
/usr/bin/mksysb -m -X -p /dev/rmt0

For other vg
savevg -f /dev/rmt0 othervg

I am relatively new to AIX and Unix, so any additional explaination provided is greatly appreciated.
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You have to backup raw devices used by db2/oracle/informix too.

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list all Varyon Volume groups on your systems with lsvg -o
you need to backup all listed VG's listed here.

For  rootvg you can use the command as you are still using;
/usr/bin/mksysb -m -X -p /dev/rmt0

For eah listed VG's except rootvg ;
savevg -if /dev/rmt0 XYZvg    
-i will create an data file for the VG.

if you have a databse running on the system then you also need to backup them with their own backup tools.
for oracle ; rman  , and for informix ; ontape ....etc
raw devices will be backed up up with the DB backup tools.


Warning: savevg and mksysb ignores raw partitions with database data.
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Yes right,  mksysb  is the best solution for the root partition,  For others there are several ways depending upon the application you are running. One simple method you can use to save space is just tar the actual contents of the mounted vg.
find the directory where you have mounted the vg and simply run
tar -cvf filename.tar /directory-to-backup
this can be especially useful if you do not have much tape drives and prefer to save the backup on the machine itself and later ftp it automatically to some other machine on the network. just edit the crontab file  to do the rest.
VG never gets mounted .....

The best way to have an "image" of rootvg is mksysb. You can restore the rootvg in the same machine with all the configuration, including phisical disk change. Even you can change physical machine, installing from mksysb in a machine with similar architecture.

For the rest of VG, the high level command savevg uses the command backup to save all the logical partitions in the selected volume group, with physical and logical partition information and filesystem information, if you need it. It is the best way to port data and application to another machine

Please note the warning from gheist "Warning: savevg and mksysb ignores raw partitions with database data.". I never try it.

Not that strict that same machine.
You can add all bos.up, and bos.64bit amd all scsi drivers before mksysb forcibly and your tape will restore on almost any machine of tomorrow and yesterday ( 64bit software will not run on 32bit machines, but they slowly become outdated anyway)
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