Terminal server logging a user off

I have a user that vpn's in from a remote location using ISA 2004. Once the user is connected by VPN, they use remote desktop a connect to one of our two terminal servers. While the user is working on the terminal server they will get a popup that states

In two minutes the session will end save all work or you will loose it. (Basically)


The remote session ended because the total logon limit was reached. This limit is set by the server administrator or by network policy

I have disabled all terminal sever policies that log users off for timeout or disconnected sessions and this still happens. This will happen on both terminal servers
The terminal servers are Server 2003 Enterprise
The thing that stumps me is that the users is logged off while they are working. It does not matter if they are inactive or not. I have looked at the local security policy and can not find anything that limits a user session. This is the only user that this happens to. The only thing different is that they are logged in using VPN. I am guessing that if it were a vpn timeout that it would disconnect the vpn connection but that stays connected and the terminal server session is ending.

I have no clue what to look for next on this. It is getting very frusterating for the user for this to happen several times during the day and I need to know what may be causing it.

Thanks much,
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You can force an active session to logoff after a period of time.

Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Configuration
Click on the Connections Folder
Right click on the RDP Connection in the right window and chosse properties
Click on the sessions tab

How is that configured? Is it set to over ride client settings?

UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
Nothing is checked in this sessions tab

Bottom option to allow reconnection is greyed out.
Select them. Override client settings and set the active timeout to Never. You may have to reboot.

That should ensure that it isnt a timeout problem.

If that doesnt work, you might want to check your licensing. Never heard of a licensing problem causing a user to be logged off though, they usually keep you from connecting.
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UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
I will give it a try. Won't these settings get overridden when I put the group policy settings back on for the rest of the users? I have policies that disconnect inactive sessions and terminate disconnected sessions.
I would only leave it set that way for troubleshooting purposes. If that fixes the problem, you'll want to try and track down the setting that is causing it for that user.
UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help,
I will update tomorrow.
UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
User is still getting booted off. I am fast out of ideas. I can not think of anything that could be doing this.
This is a longshot, but try deleting this registry entry on the client and reboot. Should cause the client to get a new license. I'll ponder the situation and if I come up with anything else, I'll let you know.


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UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
I deleted this key. I hope that this is the one that you are speaking of.
thats it. sorry.
UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
No problem, Just wanted to get the right one. I will post what happens.
UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
Looks like deleting the key solved the problem. The user has went one whole day without being forced to log out. Now I will start putting the settings (group policy) back in place which I took off to see if any one of them break it again.
Thanks for the help jrc4728.
You are welcome. Glad that worked. Most likely, you have a licensing problem. If the client had a problem with the licensing, that will permanently fix the problem. If the problem is server side, the problem will come back in about 30 days and you'll have to delete the key again (or figure out what is up with the licensing server).
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