Serialization Issue.

I'm trying to serialize an object that inherits from System.Web.UI.Page. This is the error I get.

The property 'ClientID' on type 'System.Web.UI.Control' cannot be serialized because it is decorated with declarative security permission attributes. Consider using imperative asserts or demands in the property accessors.
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Why are you trying to serialize it and can you show your code?
I dont believe you can serialize this class.  If you must, I think your best bet is to implement the Memento pattern or inherit from it and implement ISerializable.  Either way, you're looking at a bit of work to get around it.

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derekthorntonAuthor Commented:
Joy ...Can you not serialize an interface?
You can't directly serialize an interface (because you can't create an instance of an interface) but you can serialize a class that implements an interface.  Not with XmlSerializer, though, but the BinarySerializer can do it just fine.
derekthorntonAuthor Commented:
I found a good workaround for what I wanted to do.

Instead of using an interface or Serializing the class, I create an XmlSerializable Attribute that I can attach to things. I can make other custom attributes to inherit from XmlSerializable and Inject those into a class, and those inherited Attributes can contain all of the methods/properties I need to serialize. Thanks for the information on Interfaces, that's what I was looking for.
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