Log In User & Restrict Access Behaviors Redirect wrong

I'm using Dreamweaver's built in server behaviors "Log In User" and "Restrict Access to Page". The Login behavior should, on success, take the user to operations.php. Instead it returns the users to the login page (which is what I specified if the login is unsuccessful).

I'm not sure what is happening. It APPEARS that it redirects to operations.php, but operations.php's "Restrict Access To Page" seems to be bouncing the user back to the login page.

This is what I get after entering a correct user and password. This is on my local machine, I get the same on the real server.

I'm not using levels. I've checked and rechecked password and userId. In my search, I see that others have had a similar problem and I found some fixes that don't seem to work. Someone mentions registerGlobals in php.ini (a file I don't seem to have on my Mac OS X).

Any Help would be appreciated,


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One of the things that isn't advised is to turn registerGlobals on.

A couple of things to check for.

Make sure that you havn't misspelled the page you're wanting to redirect to.
Make sure you have session_Start() at the beginnig of the page.  If you're using sessions.

Other than that you will need to post some code.

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studioEtcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding - I've fixed the problem but don't really know what I did to fix it. Kind of spontaneous remission after fiddling with the code.  So you get the points for responding.

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