Image Spit and Merge Algorithm based on Quadtree

Hi everybody

I just want to know is there any API for the image split and merge algorithm based on a quadtree. If anyone can provide this running algorithm , i would give as much as 3000 - 5000 points for the correct answer. It is urgent.

Thanks and Regards
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I think there isn't; I don't need 5000 points for this cutter:

    *  Cut a section out of an Image.
    * <p>The addressed Image area may or may not overlap the given Image;<BR>
    * the latter situation might produce an empty Image.<BR>
    * The cut may also be from negative coordinates to produce empty space above or at left.<BR>
    * If the Image is not fully loaded it is returned unchanged.</p>
    * @param  picture     the initial picture.
    * @param  fromX       the X-coordinate to cut from.
    * @param  fromY       the Y-coordinate to cut from.
    * @param  width       the cut width.
    * @param  height      the cut height.
    * @return             the resulting picture as an Image
   public static Image cut
      Image picture, int fromX, int fromY, int width, int height
   BufferedImage bi;
   Graphics2D g;
   int picWidth;                       // Dimensions of the picture.
   int picHeight;
   int picFromX;                       // Picket of the picture.
   int picFromY;
   int cutFromX;                       // Picket of the cut.
   int cutFromY;
   int bufferWidth;                    // Dimensions of the workspace.
   int bufferHeight;

// Check the given picture :

         (picWidth = picture.getWidth(null)) < 1
         || (picHeight = picture.getHeight(null)) < 1

// Compute the other measures :

      if(fromX < 0)                    // Left side cut.
         picFromX = -fromX;
         cutFromX = 0;
         bufferWidth = picWidth - fromX;
         picFromX = 0;
         cutFromX = fromX;
         bufferWidth = Math.max(picWidth, fromX + width);

      if(fromY < 0)                    // Top side cut.
         picFromY = -fromY;
         cutFromY = 0;
         bufferHeight = picHeight - fromY;
         picFromY = 0;
         cutFromY = fromY;
         bufferHeight = Math.max(picHeight, fromY + height);

// Create a new Image :

      bi = new BufferedImage
         bufferWidth, bufferHeight, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB

// Paint the picture :

      g = bi.createGraphics();
      g.drawImage(picture, picFromX, picFromY, null);

// Cut the picture :

      bi = bi.getSubimage(cutFromX, cutFromY, width, height);

// Produce the result :



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