Cisco PIX 501 and Linksys BEFSX41 tunnel with NetBIOS broadcast and domain browsing

I am currently connecting two offices on the same Windows Domain with a VPN tunnel using two Linksys BEFSX41s and can successfully browse Network Neighborhood from either side.  It looks very transparent from a user perspective.  Each office connects to the internet via DSL with a static IP address.  This is an all-Windows environment with XP Pro, Server 2003 and Exhange 2003 at the main office and XP Pro at the remote office.

I recently purchased a Cisco PIX 501, version 6.3(4), and would like to replace the BEFSX41 in my main office with the PIX 501 while maintaining that transparency.  I don't want to give up my ability to browse Network Neighborhood.

I'm just starting the learn the PIX.  Can someone please suggest a best practice for configuring the PIX 501 to achieve a seamless connection, including getting the NetBIOS broadcasts across the tunnel?

Thanks much,
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>including getting the NetBIOS broadcasts across the tunnel?
Unfortunately, that's not going to happen.
But, as long as you have pure Win2k3 and XP, and all of your XP clients point to a single DNS server, the DNS/Active directory should fulfill the requirements.
Else setup a WINS server at eadh office and let them replicate.
WINS is "the" answer to browsing across WAN links
Another possible solution would be to put a 2-line LMHOSTS file on the network and let all the XP machines import that file. THe two lines required are for the DC server and the domain..

There is much discussion lately about the value of using Network Neighborhood browsing, Netbios dependencies, and the overall value of it in the long run. Users should be able to get along without it, it is a burdon on the network admins just to get it all working properly..

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jjraffaAuthor Commented:
OK, you've convinced me to give up on the idea of getting NetBIOS broadcasts across the tunnel.  It just seems odd that the PIX functionality should not be a proper superset of the Linksys firewall features, given the programmability and product positioning of the PIX.  Thank you for saving me time.
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