Trendnet Wireless PCI Adapter Problems

Hello, I have a Trendnet Wireless PCI adapter that is giving me problems.  I followed the instructions, installed the software, shutdown the computer and then installed the hardware.  I put the card into the PCI slot and made sure it was installed correctly.  When I boot the computer up it will not POST.  It powers on but nothing happens.  I've tried all the available PCI slots and it did the same for all of them.  When I remove the adapter the system with POST.  Other PCI devices will work fine.  I sent the Adapter back for a replacement.  The replacement part is doing the same thing.  At this point I think that they sent me 2 faulty devices. the IT guy where I bought it thinks that there is an incompatibilty issue.  I dont see what can be incompatible, my system is fairy new, pentium 1.0 ghz, lots of RAM, working PCI slots.  I never heard of a situation where a PCI card is incompatible with a board that is only a few years old.
fenetyIT ManagerAsked:
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I would try a different brand PCI adapter. I have seen cards keep a PC from booting. I work as a pc repair technician and have seen that happen serveral times. Its something in the PCI card that the motherboard doesn't like. 2 faulty cards could be possible, but not likely. I would try a totaly different brand adapter. Hope this helps!

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Does the card specify what PCI version it will work with?  Does the motherboard manual state what PCI version the PCI slots are?  The newest motherboards with PCI 2.3 slots will only work with 3.3v PCI cards or Universal PCI cards; 5v cards will not work.
You could also try it in all slots with everything else removed from the PC, except RAM, Video and CPU.
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fenetyIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
The voltage isnt indicated on the card.  I noticed it looked different than other PCI cards I have.  The other pci cards i have have only 1 "groove" on the bottom on the card(the part that goes into the slot).   The Wireless card has 2 "grooves."  My board model is an Aopen AX45-V.  I have a feeling if I buy a dlink card it with work perfect.  could anyone verify whether or not this pci card and motherboard have compatible voltages.  I think they should both be 3.3v but I coudlnt find that information anywhere.  The PC currently only has RAM, Video and CPU.
fenetyIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
not to confuse, when I say grooves, I mean the notches on the pci card.
According to this card requires PCI Bus specification 2.2, what specification does your motherboard support?
fenetyIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I cannot find that in the documentation.  I  am not sure what the motherboard supports.
Try running everest, it might help find out what your mainboard supports.
what make & model is your motherboard?

Alternatively - instead of using a PCI adapter, you could try a USB adapter.
He has posted that he has an AOpen AX45-V, which has PCI 2.2 slots:

There must be an incompatability here, because both are supposed to be compliant to 2.2.
fenetyIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
well if my board supports 2.2 then these cards must be defective.  I also noticed that on trendnet's homepage, they no longer have support for TEW-423PI.  Id say that its the card that is defective.
I think that is a valid conclusion in this case.
Get a USB adapter: they don't have the compatability problems that PCI cards have.
fenetyIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I thought this problem was card specific, but I got a Belkin Wireless PCI adapter and its doing the same thing.  Computer will not post.  I am going to try a Dlink and try a USB adapter.  Im just wondering if there is a bios setting that would cause the computer not to post when a wireless PCI is installed, or if this is just a cause where 2 different kinds of Wireless NIC's did not work with my pc.  I installed the same card in another pc, it Posted, but it took a long time to detect the drives, once windows started, it did not detect any hardware changes.
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