New stored procedure inaccessible

Basic problem:  I've created a stored procedure and cannot access it through VB

I have other stored procedures inside this database which are accessible.  I've checked the permissions, owner, and type against other executable procedures and they are identical.  Assuming that my code in VB is correct, is there something inside SQL I need to do to access my procedure?

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Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
If you can run the stored procedure from QA then it is probably a VB question.  Which version of VB?  Post the applicable code and we'll see what we can see

4eosAuthor Commented:
This is all the relevant code.  Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.Appsettings("Database") returns the correct connectionString.

Error msg:  "Could not find stored procedure 'ShipMe'..Net SqlClient Data ProviderHMP_UIHMP_UI.."

--- begin code ---
Dim ds as New Dataset
Dim arParams as New SqlParameter

arParams = New SqlParameter("@Customer_ID", SqlDbType.Int)
arParams.Value = 26

                SqlHelper.FillDataset(Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("Database"), CommandType.StoredProcedure, "ShipMe", ds, New String() {"Shipper"}, arParams)
        Catch objException As Exception
            Throw New Exception(objException.Message & objException.Source)
        End Try
--- end ---

--- begin ShipMe stored procedure code ---
CREATE Procedure ShipMe

@Customer_ID int = null
      SELECT      *
      FROM       Ticket
      WHERE      Customer_ID = @Customer_ID
--- end ---
Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I don't see anything wrong with your code...i am assuming that SQLHelper is a an inhouse class.  To eliminate that as the issue try the following code...

dim cmd as new sqlcommand
dim prm as sqlparameter

cmd.connection = new sqlconnection(Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("Database"))
cmd.commandtype = commandtype.storedprocedure
cmd.commandtext = "ShipMe"

prm = sqlcommand.parameters.add("@Customer_ID",
prm.value = 26

catch ex as sqlexception
end try

I realize that this doesn't actually store the data but it should determine whether the stored procedure is accessible.

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4eosAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot BriCrowe.  My problem was with the connectionString (which I was nearly sure was right).  Kudos to your help and prompt responses though.  You got me quadruple checking the incorrect code.

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