Need Help Configuring VPN Connection

I have a Netgear FVL328 VPN router at office.  I am connecting remotely with Netgear VPNclient, VPN05L software.

I followed the Netgear manual exactly as shown in Appendex G, "Netgear VPN Client to Netgear FVL328".


(1).  The connection dialog works perfectly with no errors.

(2)  I browse the office network by using Windows Explorer, drilling down to: My Network Places, Entire Network, Microsoft Windows Network, <my workgroup>, <machine>

(3).  All the machines in the office are visable.  However, it takes 10 minutes for all machines to show up.

(4).  When I browse by clicking on <my workgroup>, <machine>, I get this error: \\<machine> is not accessible.

(5)  HOWEVER, if I go to Start, Run and enter this: \\, the Windows Explorer pops up showing me all the shares on that machine.


(1)  TCP/IP properties match my ISP's. assigned IP address (Static), Subnet Mast, Gateway and DNS addresses.

(2) My Workgroup is set to the same one as in the distance office.

(3) My firewall/router has been removed to eliminate any confusion whether something is being blocked by it.


(1).  To be able to browse machines in the Windows Explorer and click on their shares in order to map drives.  "NET USE Z: \\" does not work.

(2).  Speedup the connection process which takes entirely too long.

(3).  To be able to do all the above when I reconnect my router.  What special router settings are needed on the remote PC running VPNclient?

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1. you have a name resolution issue like most VPN has. Assuming you don't have WINS server, lmhosts is another option.

2. you also have a master browser issue. check these two pages for the details.

rras/vpn q&a collections
It takes 30 minutes to show up the server share No more than one VPN connection
One NIC or two NICs in RRAS One way route only in a VPN ...

computer browser over vpn
It is generally recommended that you implement WINS for name resolution and browsing ... Master browser Issues. 5. Permission or Cached Credentials issues ...

3. I would create a shortcut or to point to a network drive or create a batch file to map the network drives..

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RayRiderAuthor Commented:
I am adding a comment here just to keep the problem open.  I am still working on this and not sure of outcome.  LMHOSTS doesn't seem to help.  However, batch file will map the share:

Batch File:

net use P: \\\c

Still unable to browse network through "my network places".

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