Security tab is missing in Windows XP Pro. Simple F&PS is disabled

Security tab is missing in Windows XP Pro. Simple F&PS is disabled. SP1. Completed CHKDSK / SFC, etc.
This is a newly imaged laptop and is part of an Active Directory Domain. All other laptops on this image are fine.
I logged in local as admin. I booted in safe mode.
Other than reimaging this laptop,. any ideas?
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If you click Start->Run->NCPA.Cpl <Enter>
and choose the LAN Properties - is F&P checked?

Also - Start->Run->Services.msc, is the server service started and set to auto.
Do you have any particular errors in the logs?  Start->Run->Eventvwr.msc
cjslingAuthor Commented:
I know f&p is checked in LAN. I have to double check the server service.
THere was nothing that jumped out in error logs.
I will have access to this computer tomorrow AM and will check then.
thanks for the suggestions. I will let you know.
The Security Tab will also be missing if your disk is FAT rather than NTFS.
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cjslingAuthor Commented:
Nothing unusual in events - all checked okay.
This is NTFS.
At the local system - what is returned from the following (open a command prompt)

PING %Computername% -N 1
cjslingAuthor Commented:
admin% c:\windows
c$          c:\
cjslingAuthor Commented:
successfull pings for both commands
By F&PS do you mean Simple File Sharing?
From Windows Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, View and uncheck Use Simple File Sharing.

See here as well for additional troubleshooting...
cjslingAuthor Commented:
I already verified Simple File sharing is UNchecked.
You say it's one of several - assuming these are identical systems - can you put one of the other drives in this one and see if the security tab exists?

Otherwise, I'd suggest refreshing the TCP stack:

at a command prompt:

netsh int ip reset c:\ip.txt <Enter>
cjslingAuthor Commented:
it's very odd. I have checked an identical system and it is there.
I refreshed the stack, restarted. We will see. Thanks
cjslingAuthor Commented:
I probably only have 1 more day until a reimage will be necessary. It would be nice to find out why this is happening.
I'd suggest the hard drive swap then, if possible - that way you'll eliminate a faulty network adapter...
cjslingAuthor Commented:
just realized this is a T42 ibm and I only have a t40 to test.
Is it possible the wrong image was applied then?
cjslingAuthor Commented:
that is very possible.
Could then be the problem - if you drop down an image with certain NIC drivers, it could easily interfere.
If you don't want to try reimaging it - try this procedure...

Start->Run->CMD <Enter>

and type the following:

Set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
Start Devmgmt.msc

In Device Manager (must be opened from the previous command environment) - select View/Show hidden devices
Now locate the adapters section and delete/uninstall all found - should be a ghost icon or two there.

Reboot and see if it doesn't detect the correct driver - there could be a conflict; this should clear it up.
cjslingAuthor Commented:
I completed the above successfully , rebooted , installed drivers successfully, but this did not resovle the missing security tab problem.
From Shared Folders, under Shares - right click on the right-side and click New File Share
Follow the wizard to share out C:\Temp as Temp (it'll create it if it's not there)

Once complete - right click the new Temp share and choose properties - security tab there?
cjslingAuthor Commented:
no it's not.
cjslingAuthor Commented:
the share permission are there but not secuirty.
And you're logged in with the default Admin account?
cjslingAuthor Commented:
no, i was logged in as myself with admin rights.
let me try local admin
cjslingAuthor Commented:
tried it as local admin  , no change
Hmm - tuff one.
Does this have an embedded adapter or external/pcmcia?
cjslingAuthor Commented:
it is bizarre. it's an integrated adapter. Brand new image.
I am really stumped.
thanks again for your help. cj
cjslingAuthor Commented:
guess what. It was so bizarre I decided to verify it was NTFS and low and behold it was not.  I should have checked that imediately and not go by what was the norm.
I converted the file system successfully and the tab is back!
Thanks sirbounty for all your work. You certainly deserve these points.
It's always the simplest solutions, eh?
Glad you got it...saves you a bit of time reimaging I suppose.
Have a great weekend!

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Glad it is explained, and sirbounty definitely deserved the points, but see my comment early in the thread:

"The Security Tab will also be missing if your disk is FAT rather than NTFS."

and your answer:

"This is NTFS."

cjslingAuthor Commented:
Yes. that was my answer because this is what I was told and it is our standard image - NTFS. The wrong image was placed on this laptop. Sirbounty led me to this idea and this is why i started double checking. Ultimately the correct answer was Wrong image - double check everything!
Thank you for your comment.
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