Suppressing routes in BGP

Can someone give me a very freeze dried explanation of this.  Obviously it is used with the "aggregate-address".  By "suppressing" what does this mean.  Explain it to me like I'm in sales or something :)
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<By "suppressing" what does this mean.>

Basically "suppressing" is "not advertising". [determining what routes not to advertise]

Two methods are available in BGP to implement route aggregation.
You can redistribute an aggregated route into BGP or you can use a form of conditional aggregation.

Basic route redistribution involves creating an aggregate route and then redistributing the routes into BGP.

*Conditional aggregation involves creating an aggregate route and then advertising or suppressing the advertising of certain routes on the basis of route maps, autonomous system set path (AS-SET) information, or summary information.
Filter Routing Information:
You can filter routing protocol information by performing the following tasks:

• Suppress the sending of routing updates on a particular router interface. This is done to prevent other systems on an interface from learning about routes dynamically.

• Suppress networks from being advertised in routing updates. This is done to prevent other routers from learning a particular router’s interpretation of one or more routes.

• Suppress networks listed in updates from being accepted and acted upon by a routing process. This is done to keep a router from using certain routes.

• Filter on the source of routing information. This is done to prioritize routing information from different sources, because some pieces of routing information may be more accurate than others.

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