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I have been dabbling programming over the past few years.  I have experience in VB 6, ASP, C# (very basic), PHP, HTML, etc.  I am very interested in game design for console systems like XBox and Ps2.  I was wondering what languages would be best to learn if I wanted to begin to stear that way.
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Andrew BeersTechnology LeadCommented:
*Laughs*  You need to take a walk through our Game Programming section.  *winks*  I practically live there but to answer your question:

C++ is a very long time tested language for Game Development with DirectX and OpenGL but it lacks the capabilities of Java in the areas of Object oriented design and multi-threadedness.

Personally I've been using C++ for years and am now only beginning to move into Java and JOGL, java's implimentation of OpenGL.  For shear languages you'd be best learning Java and C++ because both are awesome languages to write games in but the current fad of game devs is steering to Java due to it's JVM functionality, compile once run on any machine, and is how many game companies are putting out the same game on all the systems so quickly.

Personally I reccomend Java but to understand Java the best I would advise you to at least dabble in C++ first and get comfortable with pointers and handling the nitty gritty with OpenGL first.  You are also going to want to look @ for openGL how tos and ideas on how designing 3D real time graphical systems work.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask away!

Eduard GherguLeader SibiuCommented:

You have to care about the OS that runs on the target HW platform. After that you can choose a tool that generates code for it. Usually, C++ is portable acros operating platforms. If there is an implementation of Java Virtual Machine for PS2 or XBox, you can choose Java, otherwise you have to choose C++.
what part of game programming you want to do...AI...Graphics...Sound...etc..

If Graphics, I'd recommend C++ and OpenGL (there is also OpenGL for many other languages like Java) and start out by writing somthing like a Raytracer or some sort of renderer to get the feel for 3D graphics programming
Also brush up on your trig and linear algebra.
this is a great (and not too complicated) book

Regardless of the area of game programming I'd begin to master c++.  It is a extremely powerfull language that allows you to get the most out of the hardware....which is why it is a very popular language for game dev.

Also take a look at the source code for one of your favorite old games

here's doom
Granted nobody would use BSP trees when rendering graphics anymore given todays super video cards, but there is alot you can learn from this 13 yr old game

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mynamebecory2Author Commented:
Ive been told it is easy to go from C++ to C#, is the opposite true?
Eduard GherguLeader SibiuCommented:

C# is easier than C++, but it is possible to run into troubles in some situations because there is no support for pointers...
Eduard GherguLeader SibiuCommented:
And also, the same problem: the availability of the Virtual Machine (in the case of C# the .NET Framework) for PlayStation... (I don't know for XBox, but because it's a MS product, I think they already implemented or will implement a version of .NET Framework for it)
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