Exchange 2000 Server Crashed - Restored Everything, Crashed again, not eseutil won't run

I have an exchange 2000 server running SP3 on windows 2000 sp4.
had a power failure last week, and it killed everything.
with the help of many threads here i was able to get evreything working again.
last night and this morning everything was fine.
this afternoon, it crashed again.
All services are running, but the store won't mount.
When i try to mount the store, i get the following.
  an internal processing error has occurred. try restarting the exchange system manager or the microsoft exchange information store service, or both.

ID no: c1041724
Exchange System Manager

had this error the other day, but the eseutil and other steps led to the resolution.
now when i try to run eseutil /p, it will go for a while, then just stop, not errors, just the prompt.
any advice would be great.
i am puttng a new server in with 2k3 everything, but i need to get this up till then.
Thanks in advance.
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This error can stem from several things:
1. Incorrect perms on the mdbdata folder (very doubtful unless someone has been changing NTFS perms).
2. Ran out of space on your logfile or database drive.
3. Ran eseutil /p and DIDN'T DELETE LOGFILES
4. There's prob more, just can't remember them right now.

Did you run the eseutil /p right off the bat? I see lots of people on this forum running this, and i'm not sure everyone understands exactly how bad this can mess up your databases (rant not directed at you mikebaril) mostly because the people giving them answers don't warn them (although there is the explicit warning that pops up when you first run the /p). After a /p everyone should always run a /d and then an isinteg /fix /test alltests to fix all the holes that they have just punched in their database.
In addition, the only reason for a /p is if your database is in a "dirty shutdown" state (aka inconsistent), and you don't have a backup. Otherwise ALWAYS RESTORE FROM BACKUP! This will save us all some headaches (and maybe our jobs in some cases).

Do you have a backup from last night? If so, restore it.

If not and you need to get mailflow up right away, go ahead and rename your database files to .old instead of .edb and .stm, and copy ALL the files out of the log file directory. Then mount the DB and your users can send/receive mail, but won't have their old mail. You can then go to work on the database thats busted until it can be fixed.

If you ran the /p and didn't delete ALL the logfiles (including e00.log) then thats your problem.

Hope this helps!
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
sounds like you have a hardware issue. You'll need to use the same steps again. the /p is a repair, and sometimes it will hang trying to get thru a spot. You need to just let it run. Did you make a backup of the database after last week's repair, and before this crash?

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mikebarilAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses...
First to Blevins...
1. Perms are good, no one has touched those , i did double check, but they were all set the same.
2. There is plenty of room on drives, drive that DB and logs has plenty of room. about 20GB free, edb and stm are both under 7
3. I did delete the log files...(even the e00.log)

I did not run the /p off the bat...did everything i and everyone else on here could think of before doing the /p.
I did run the /d and isinteg after the /p, and after all that is when everything worked fine.
Checked, the backup drive, and that just isn't working...(new client that i inherited, thier old guy didn't want to deal with the updates they need, now i see why!)

to Kidego...
I wouldn't be suprised if it was hardware issue...this is fairly old machine, and is near its end, which is why they got new box.
I have left it running and gone away, and like i said, it just stops and gives me the dos prompt.

I may try getting going with the new edb, and use a tool i have to get their mail out of old file, and then i can just drop that on the new server that is going on next week.

Thanks for your help...if you think of anything else, please let me know.
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Some questions:
How large are is the database that you are running the /p on?
How long does it hang before you kill it?
When you do an eseutil /mh on the database, is it inconsistent?

Kidego may be onto something. Often if there are hardware issues, Exchange backups an fail and/or have errors as well. Have those been completing?
mikebarilAuthor Commented:
The database is relatively small, about 6GB.
i have made a few attempts at the /p and it varies each time as far as how long it takes before it crashes.
the /mh tells me dirty shutdown.
the backup has been unsuccessfull the last couple of nights...i think the server is on it's last legs.
thanks again
Ok, if your backup has been unsuccessful, then it probably IS a hardware issue . . .

So you gotta get that DB up to get the data out and off that box. If eseutil is breaking (you said no error messages?) then you have two choices:
1. Get another copy of eseutil and related DLL's. Maybe its a programatic issue with eseutil.

I feel your pain!!

Good luck.
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