Windows 2000 Pro Power Point/XCopy problem

I basically have this problem on a bunch of shared access or what you might call public access PC's on my network. They are Win2K pro machines and they all log in with the same restricted domain user. The problem is described in the following Microsoft article;EN-US;Q218571

POWER POINT WON't ALLOW an org chart to be inserted in Office 2000

Essentially microsoft says I need to use xcopy to copy 2 files onto each of these public access machines. I have a server in mind that might be referred to as SERVER1 for the sake of this example. I was planning on putting the files in a share on SERVER1 but maybe that isn't even necessary. I just quickly want to get the files out to the pc's.

Can someone give me the syntax for the login script to copy the necessary files from SERVER1 to the necessary directory on each pc?

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It might be easier to just map a driver to the shared files location per Q218571.
Either way create & test login.bat:

NET USE drive_letter: \\server\share_name
NET USE F: \\Share server\ShareFolder

Xcopy F:\Share server\ShareFolder\MSO*.232 /v /q /h
Xcopy.exe \\Share server\ShareFolder\files /v /q /h

A simple logon.bat script that calls a logon.vbs script would be the following:
@echo off
net use x: \\filesrv\budgets

@echo off
wscript %0\..\logon.vbs

Follow screen steps to place login.bat into Login script:

Windows Logon Scripts:
Overview of Logon, Logoff, Startup, and Shutdown Scripts in Windows 2000:

Previous EE solution:

Login Scripts:

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Brian_BlairAuthor Commented:
I can't map a drive on these PC's I'm afraid. The security admin won't let me. Is the proper syntax then:

Xcopy.exe \\Share server\ShareFolder\files /v /q /h ?????
Be advised!!!

If you can not map, then Admin will not allow you to use the login scripts, either.
And you will most likely need to have admin privileges to fix this problem.

You really should be having your admin person handle this for you!
And you really should not be doing anything against company policy!
Folks have been terminated over these kinds of infractions.

<I can't map a drive on these PC's I'm afraid. The security admin won't let me. Is the> <proper syntax then:>
<Xcopy.exe \\Share server\ShareFolder\files /v /q /h ?????>

Yes, however, if you do not have access perms this will be a 'no go'.
xcopy \\Files Server\files folder\files /v /q /h
\\"server where two files are located"\"folder where two files are located\"each file" [copy one at a time]

Windows Folder
Msoclip.232       Msoprefs.232

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