SQL Server 7 Connection - java

Hi, I am trying to connect to SQL sever 7 through java.
I have tried several examples located on the web, but am unsuccessful.
ANy help would be appreciated.
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Whats your problem?
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RockyFullenAuthor Commented:
I am trying to establish a connection to a SQL Server database using the jtds driver.
I have placed the jar file (jtds-1.1.jar) into my classpath (j2sdk1.4.2_04/bin).
When I execute the following code I get error "java.lang.ClassnotfoundException: net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver"


  public static void main(String args []){

       // declare Connection and Statement objects
    Connection conn = null;
    String connstring = "jdbc:freetds:sqlserver://localhost/CF6CVDDeferment";
        //conn = DriverManager.getConnection(connstring,"TPMCENTER", "TPMCENTER");
    }catch(Exception e){

that wont work, this is windows calss path,
one thing you can do is specify the path where the driver is when you compile  c:\pathOfDriver ->> path of you jar

javac -classpath c:\pathOfDriver -d \classes src\*.java
hey RockyFullen,
  you should not put your jar file into the "bin" directory. Although you can put your jar file in any folder as long as that folder in the classpath, it is a good practice to put it in the lib directory.

Try to compile it like this:
I presume that you are Java class name is "Test.java".

From the command prompt, set the classpath first like this.
set classpath=%classpath%;path_of_the_folder_which_contains_the_jar_file;  

After setting this, compile and run. This will override any other classpath settings.
javac Test.java
java Test

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