Sunfire V490 System installation

I am new to sun equipment and OS. I have been tasked to setup 2-Sunfire v480s and 2-Sunfire V490s. I have the v480s online but the v490's didn't come with graphics cards. I was told that I could use the "tip" command to connect to the v490 from the v480 and finish the setup/network configuration.
Only thing, is that I haven't a clue how to do it or what ports on the back of the V490 to use.

Please help.


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tip uses a serial cable , the same way your would directly connect to say a Cisco Router

Tip is like Hyperterminal in Windows

you would connect a serial cable from the 480 to the 490

then you would run

tip <hostname of the 490>

it will ask for login name and password

from there you would proceed in as you did with the 480
yrwrightAuthor Commented:
But this system just arrived and is not configured, it doesn't have a hostname. I need to get in to it and set it up(hostname/ip). Also the only ports on the back are usb, RSC, ethernets 1-4 and a rj-45 port labled serial(is this a type of serial port you are talking about?)
no problem .. if its new then by default Sun ships their servers to output the boot sequence via the serial port

Just plugin and run tip with no hostname and then turn on the 490

if its not configured then login as root and there is no password.
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Connect the serial cable that came with the 490 to the rj45-port of the 490 and the other end to serial port b of one of your 480s (or to a laptop running windows or solaris).

then on the 480 / laptop running solaris do

tip /dev/term/b

respectivly on laptop running windows start hyperterminal and make a connection to the apropriate serialport

now turn on your 490.

from now on you can do everything like you did before
That's exactly what I said net
pshattuck: You are probably right, it's just that I would not understand it the way you were saying it, especially I was missing the following information:

- where to connect the serial cable at the 480's end (it's important to be serial port b, else just a tip would not work)
- where to connect the serial cable at the 490's end (RSC or serial)
- and finally if the server is comming directly from sun, you cannot login using root, actually you cannot login at all, as you are not getting to any login prompt, but you are getting to the installation routine.

So my only goal was to make sure  yrwright really understands... I dont want to steal point or somehow blame you... sorry if you got that wrong.
yrwrightAuthor Commented:
Thank both of you so much. I do still have a problem. I found the tip cable(ethernet to DB9male). The v480s don't have a DB9 pin serial connection to connect to. However, I connected the ethernet part to the v490 Serial Mgt port and on the back of the v240 that I have.
I then performed the command and it said "connected"
Then I restarted the V490 and nothing happed in the terminal screen. What should I see? I am sorry to be a bother but I don't have a clue about Sun equipment, software or how it works.
I can't seem to find any additional information on the "tip" other than man pages. I guess I am asking what indications will i have if the connection is up or good?

Run admintool on the 240

at the prompt run

admintool &

Go to browse

select serial ports

highlight the port that the cable on the 240 is connected

click edit

select modify

TEMPLATE should be Terminal-Hardwired

DETAIL should be more

BAUD RATE should be 9600

OPTION should be bidirectional

TERMINAL TYPE - try sun, if that does not exist then go vt100

Make sure the Port has the SERVICE ENABLE box checked

Now run tip, once connected .. start up the 490

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alternately use the cable on a windows laptop and run hyperterminal

connect the cable from laptop to 490

configure new entry for hyperterminal and name it Sun490

settings should be 9600, 8, none, 1 .. and i think it's xon/xoff  or hardware .. can;t remeber that last value

start hyperterminal

start 490

you should get a prompt

log in as root and their is no password
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