Setting up a Wireless Router on my PC for the first time

I currently have a single home PC connected to a USB ADSL modem. I have recently purchased a Roku Soundbridge M1000 for playing the music from my PC onto a stereo system in another room. The Roku Soundbridge is supplied with a WiFi card but I need to purchase and install a Wireless Network Router in order to transfer data between the PC and the Soundbridge M1000. I have never set-up a network on a PC before.

Before I buy the Network Router I would like to know how the router will connect to my PC and what specific features the router should have ! Do network routers connect via USB sockets ? My computer has an RJ45 LAN connection, would this be suitable ? I have read that the modem should be plugged into the router but, as I do not currently have any other PC's in the house, is this necessary ?

I am running Window XP Professional (SP2). Will I have to make any changes within Windows to activate a network ?

Any helpful advice would be much appreciated.
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This is what you will have to do.  You can just purchase an Ordinary Wireless Router (or Access Point). It will connect to your computer through a RJ45 Jack.

Leave your Internet how it is currently setup.

Buy a wireless router or Access point.  Connect the Wireless Router From the Lan Port to your Network Card on your computer.  Log onto the Router and Disable DHCP.

Now Follow these Instructions on how to install Internet Connection Sharing;en-us;Q306126

After ICS is setup you should be good to go
Pretty Much THis is what is going on.

Internet --- Your Computer
                     --- Wireless Router

You computer gets the Internet Connection from the USB Modem.  ICS Allows your computer to share Internet With other computers through the Network Card Port (RJ45).

Do you understand?

You must Disable DHCP on the Router because your Computer will have a DHCP Server installed on it after you setup ICS.  Your computer is what should be assigning addresses.

Also Ensure that the wireless router is connected to your computer through the LAN port NOT THE WAN Port.
From what I understand about your question, you only care about the sound system being able to access your computer, not get out onto the rest of the internet. In this case, you can just get a wireless network adapter for your computer (either USB or an internal PCI one) instead of buying a router that you dont need. Then you can directly (wirelessly) connect your sound system and pc together and let them talk without having to change anything about your internet connection.

If you do decide to go this route, let me know and i can help you through configuring the appropriate settings to get them talking to each other correctly.
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I should of read it better.

All you would need to do in that case is purchase an Wireless Router.  Plug a cable from the Lan port of the Wireless Router to your Network Connection in your computer.

I would go for the Wireless Router, you can probally find one cheaper than finding a Wireless Network Card.

If you were to purchase a Wireless Network card rather than a router you would have to ensure that you can configure your Roku Adhoc Mode, otherwise they will not connect.

For ease it is probally easier to have the Wireless Router.  It is easier to setup (no drivers need to be installed).  It has a DHCP Server, therefore you do not have to Configure your Computer and The ROKU with Static IP's.

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technojunkieAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for the responses.

I understand the network connection on my PC to be the LAN connection on the moterboard. Is this correct ? If so, as I have never used this connection before, will I have to enable any specific settings on my PC or install any additional software ?

I want the simplest and most effective method that will also allow, in the future, for me to have a wireless internet connection for other PC's in my house. However, for now, I just want my PC to connect with the Roku Soundbridge.

technojunkieAuthor Commented:
Additional point :- The Roku website gives a list of recommended Wi-Fi hardware to be used with the Soundbridge M1000.

Can I assume that Wi-Fi hardware is the same as a Wireless Router ?
WiFi just means wireless Hardware.  Ex. Wireless Router.

Unless you Disabled your NIC Card you should not have to install anything.  Just Buy the Wireless Router, Plug it into the wall and connect the Network Cable from the Lan port of the Wireless Router (not the WAN) to your computer Network Port.

That is all.

You could log onto the Router and Setup WEP or some added Security Features.

I would reccomend purchasing a Dlink or a Linksys Wireless Router.

The Wireless Router, (If you do the steps in I mentioned in 1st post) will allow other computers to be connected to the internet in the future.
What is the make and model number of your ADSL modem?

technojunkieAuthor Commented:
My ADSL modem is a Thomson Speedtouch 330 connected via USB.
technojunkieAuthor Commented:
Thankyou 2hype for all your very helpful posts. Should I go for the fastest router I can afford (in termes of quoted Mbps) ?

Thanks again.
To be honest with you this sounds like a perfect time for a networking upgrade.

Don't bother with a normal wifi router and go for a full adsl wifi gateway.
Linksys do some great kit
check this out:

this does everything.
It replaces your USB modem, gives firewall protection, Wi Fi access and is very easy to setup.

So this way you get the best of all worlds.
Hardware internet protection and a Wi Fi access point all in one.

All this avoids the need to muck about with ICS as it a pain and it works like a charm.

Hope this helps.

technojunkieAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for the advice curlyben. The link you have give doesnot work. However, I have found some products on the Insight website that I think are what you are recommending. Is the Linksys Wireless-G ADSL Gateway WAG54G  the sort of thing I should be looking at and would it enable me to transfer data via WiFi from my PC to  the Roku Soundbridge ?

Thanks again for the post.
Yep that's the one, should do the job great, as long as the Roku uses 802.11b/g for WiFi.

I just check their site and it DOES use the faster 802.11g protocol, so everythings good.

They have a good setup guide there as well.

Hoope this helps
Only because the Soundbridge software is still in it's beta stages, to be on the safe side I would recommend using one of the devices listed on thier site under Supported WiFi Hardware, such as the Linksys WRT54GS. The WAG54G does not appear on this list and is not mentioned in any of the beta forum discussions.

Hope this helps!
The only difference between the WRT and the WAG is the ADSL modem.
I have used both and the functionality is the same.

So I would still go with the WAG54G model.
technojunkieAuthor Commented:
I've read a number of reviews of the WAG54G and some of them were not very complimentary. However, I like the idea of the router incorporating a modem for future upgradability to a wireless broadband network. Are there any other similar units that can be recommended ?

I'm also having a problem with my motherboard. The board has an onboard LAN controller with RJ45 socket that I intend I intend plugging the new router into. However, when I set the LAN controlled to "enabled" in BIOS and re-boot my machine, the PC wants to boot from a network instead of the main SATA drive that is the first boot device in BIOS. What on earth can be happening ?
technojunkieAuthor Commented:
How about the Buffalo 54mbps Wireless Broadband Router 128bit-wep 802.11g ! Would this be suitable ?
Change your boot sequence from booting from the Network, to booting from your hard drive in BIOS.

technojunkieAuthor Commented:
The boot sequence is already set to boot from my SATA hard drive. It is only when when enabling the onboard LAN controller in BIOS, that the computer wants to boot from the network. Why should the boot sequence change just by enabling an onboard LAN controller ?
Do you have Onboard Lan Boot ROM Enabled in Bios?  If so Change to Disabled.  You will probally never want to Boot from Lan.
technojunkieAuthor Commented:
Sorted the problem. Enabled the LAN in BIOS save settings, re-booted, then changed the boot sequence. Now working OK.

Windows is now asking for Ethernet drivers. Is Ethermet the standard interface for networking ?
It wants the Drivers for your ONBoard NIC.  Do you have your Motherboard Drive CD?  You will need to install the correct drivers for the NIC to work.
technojunkieAuthor Commented:
Thankyou 2hype, I've now found and installed the drivers.
technojunkieAuthor Commented:
My motherboard obboard LAN controller is a Realtek RTL8169/8110 family Gigabit Ethernet NIC ! Will any router I purchase plug into the onboard RJ45 socket and work with my PC. If so, will the data transfer rate from the router to WiFi devices be at all impaired by the onboard LAN controller ?

Thanks again for any advice.
The Network Card will work fine.  All Network Card are compatiable with all routers, Thats why they have standards in place.

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