Last access date of a directory

Hi all
I am searching through 11000 directories and I would like to find the last modified date of each directory. What would be the solution.

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while( <*> ){  #or whereever your 11000 directories come from
    print "$_ ".localtime((stat)[9])."\n" if -d
r5ur5Author Commented:
I tied it but its not giving me any date or time on the command prompt.  I dont understand the format in which I can give the full directory path in the while statement.
For example the network path is "\\compname\c$\temp" then how will it go in the while statement and further how can we get the access time.

Thanks for your response.

while( </compname/c$/temp/*> ){  
    print "$_ ".localtime((stat)[9])."\n" if -d
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Another minor mod of my file recursion function in VBScript (or VB if you prefer)

Just c&p the following into a .vbs file. Run it from a command shell from where you can view the output directly, or redirect to a file. Run from explorer, each echo is t0 a messagebox.

Regards .. ALan

private const SourcePath = "C:\Downloads" ' put your source directory here
'private sub HandleFile (byval f)
' = fso.getbasename(f.parentfolder) & "." & fso.getextensionname(f.path)
'end sub

Private Sub handlefolder(ByVal folder)
' This (recursive) sub will first of all handle all sub-folders in it's parameter target
' then all files.
' Only need this next 'for each' if you need to to recurse subdirectories in the parameter target
  For Each f In folder.SubFolders ' may not be necessary if there are no subfoldrs to recurse
'    handlefolder  f               '   ''          ''
            WScript.Echo f.path & " :- " & f.DateLastModified
            ' or f.DateCreated or f.DateLastAccessed
  Next                            '   ''          ''
'  for each f in folder.files ' Handle each of the file objects
'    handlefile f
'  next
End Sub

' Main Routine starts here
Dim fso, fo
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.filesystemobject")
' Get handle to input folder
Set fo = fso.GetFolder(SourcePath)
handlefolder fo
Set fso = Nothing
Set fo = Nothing

Naveen SwamyYash Infinite Solutions Private LimitedCommented:
in php its done this way

$getLastModDir = filemtime("/path/to/directory/.");

or recursive
function mostRecentModifiedFileTime($dirName,$doRecursive) {
   $d = dir($dirName);
   $lastModified = 0;
   while($entry = $d->read()) {
       if ($entry != "." && $entry != "..") {
           if (!is_dir($dirName."/".$entry)) {
               $currentModified = filemtime($dirName."/".$entry);
           } else if ($doRecursive && is_dir($dirName."/".$entry)) {
               $currentModified = mostRecentModifiedFileTime($dirName."/".$entry,true);
           if ($currentModified > $lastModified){
               $lastModified = $currentModified;
   return $lastModified;

r5ur5Author Commented:
Your solution looks good to me. I tried it and it works. The only problem now I am facing is this that the while loop recursion is already done. How can I pass the whole path to get the modified date. I have the path in a variablle and I would like to get the return value in variable too. In you solution if I take out the while loop how can I get the value back of a particular directory.
Thanks again for your help.
If you have a directory path in $variable, you can append the modification time with
$variable .= "\t".localtime((stat $variable)[9])."\n";

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r5ur5Author Commented:
Thanks OZO for your help. You are genius in PERL. Thanks a lot.
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