Restoring mail store through archiving

My question relates much to the question titled "Groupwise export", but is not exactly the same.

We have about 15 active users and we have archived their e-mail anticipating a rebuild of our edirectory and groupwise.  At the time we were running Groupwise 6 and Netware 5.1 on the PO server.  We did not have the hardware or resources to keep two trees running at the same time for a migration, so we opted to use archiving to export, and then import, the user's mail stores.

After creating the new tree, called NEWTREE, and domain NEWDOM, and creating all the users new groupwise 6.5 system (NEWTREE is completely 6.5 for Netware and groupwise), the users fid in groupwise was obviously going to change.  I considered this, and anticipated using a tool like gw5afe (Archive FID Editor) to change the fid on the archive, access the archive online with the user's account, and restore the messages from the archive.

In trying to use gw5afe, I cannot authenticate to the domain of course, so it will not change the FID.  Does anyone have any solution for restoring e-mail from an archive with an incorrect fid?  Groupwise will not even allow me to open them, it tells you the archive is from an older version and needs to be upgraded to 6, and then  bombs out during the upgrade with a C067 error.

I'm hoping someone has a solution for this or a great tip to provide.  Thanks!
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Hmmm....I guess its too late now, but frankly I wouldn't have bothered with Archiving (except as an "if all else fails" disaster-recovery planning step). I would have simply shut down GroupWise, backed up all the message stores and database files, and then put them out on the new server. Then I would have gone into ConsoleOne and grafted the GroupWise objects into eDirectory. The mailboxes would have remained intact throughout the entire process.

This is possible because GroupWise is designed to operate independent of eDirectory - Novell doesn't try to lock you into their DS or platform.

I've not used GW5afe. Have you tried the Archive FID Editor from GroupWise Cool Solutions?

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marcusburgeAuthor Commented:
GW5afe is the Archive FID editor from that page.  And according to some more articles that I've found since posting, it dosen't work that well with 6 or 6.5.  I'm going to keep looking and trying solutions.  I think I have one now that may work, I'll post it if it does.
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marcusburgeAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I commented before checking all your links.  The last two look like they would work best.  I'll look into them and see what works.
Psi - "GroupWise is designed to operate independent of eDirectory" - if that's true, why does even GroupWise 7's install list as a system requirement "eDirectory 8.7.3 or later"?
marcusburgeAuthor Commented:
Mergeit works beautifully.  Great suggestion Psi.  Thanks!
marcusburgeAuthor Commented:
Hmm.  I'm getting database errors and timeouts trying to accept PsiCop's answer.  I'll try again later.
"why does even GroupWise 7's install list as a system requirement 'eDirectory 8.7.3 or later' "

If you're installing it into an eDirectory environment, that is the minimum eDirectory version it wants. Doesn't mean you can't install it and select the Post Office security as "High-LDAP" and have it work against SunONE or Netscape or OpenLDAP or whatever.
Really?  Seems to me, the installation instructions say you have to install eDirectory.  Somewhere.  The management tools (ConsoleOne) kinda require eDirectory somewhere...

Can you post a link to something that says otherwise?
Interesting.... I'm having trouble locating that myself. I thot it was in the Interoperability Guide, but nope, its not there.

I know the POA can perform authentication against any LDAP source. GroupWise maintains its own user DB and each user account has its own password (whether or not its used depends on the POA settings).

I wonder if they've changed that so now it requires eDirectory? I hope not.
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