Insert statements in Oracle/SQL


How can I insert values into a table via

Insert statements , when I have a description field having values like :
 P& G , J &J, M&N , J & Bros , G & Sons etc
(Basically having & in the Insert values )
Normally, SQL is asking for some value at &, because it is treating it as a bind variable

(Can I use some kind of escape characters and insert & )

Thanks a lot for the inputs
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Use SET DEFINE OFF before the insert statement. See the example below,

SQL>select '&5' from dual;
Enter value for 5: err
old   1: select '&5' from dual
new   1: select 'err' from dual


SQL> set define off
SQL> select '&5' from dual;



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select '\&x'  from dual;
You can concatenate with with the result of the chr function.
Use select ascii('&') from dual; to find out the ascii code for &.
the in your sql statement use.
Eg: 'P' || chr(ascii_code) || 'G'

Good luck,
    You should be aware that this is only an issue for sql*plus.  The ampersand character has no meaning in SQL, so you don't have to worry unless sql*plus is compiling your source code (like when you compile a procedure, function, or package).  If you compile in OEM, there's no problem.  If you're selecting data that may have ampersands and then inserting that data into another table, that is also no problem.  If you're executing a package or procedure that has ampersands (and it isn't an anonymous pl/sql block), that isn't a problem.  Only when sql*plus evaluates a sql statement in its buffer and sees an ampersand IN ITS BUFFER is there an issue.

   Also, the "\" does NOT escape the ampersand.  SET DEFINE OFF is the approved solution.

Good luck!
My bad,
DrSQL as always is correct. '\' can be used as escape for other characters like % and _ only....not &
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