Preview Picture of Report in ASP.NET

HI Experts,

Thanks in advance for reading this.

In CR10 developer/designer there's an option for 'Save Preview Picture' (File --> Summary Info).
This feature allows you to look at a preview of the report layout (this is in Crystal Enterprise).
Is there a way to include this feature into an ASP.NET page either through the
CrystalReportViewer or ReportDocument components or there's another way?

Sample code or links is very appreciated !

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Mike McCrackenSenior ConsultantCommented:
I don't think so since.

Hi allanau20,

 If you are using ReportClientDocument object, there is a method called ModifySummaryInfo that will let you do that.

  public virtual void ModifySummaryInfo(    SummaryInfo newVal )

where SummaryInfo is a class that contains  IsSavingWithPreview accessor.

Here is a except from documentation for that class:

SummaryInfoClass overview

Public Constructors
 SummaryInfoClass Constructor  Initializes a new instance of the SummaryInfoClass class.  

Public Properties
 Author  Gets or sets the author of the report.  
 ClassName  Gets the ProgID (programmatic identifier) of the object.  
 Comments  Gets or sets any comments the author of the report has.  
 IsSavingWithPreview  Gets or sets a value indicating whether a thumbnail image of the report is to be saved.  
 Keywords  Gets or sets the keywords that describe the report.  
 Subject  Gets or sets the report's subject.  
 Title  Gets or sets the title of the report. This is not the same as the report's file name.  

Public Methods
 Clone  Creates a copy of the object.  
 CopyTo  Copies the contents of this object into the object specified by the first parameter.  
 Equals  Overloaded.  Compares two objects for equality.  

 Let us know...
 Lady Linet
allanau20Author Commented:
Thanks for your replies.

Sorry, but I'm not using ReportClientDocument, rather it's ReportDocument.

I checked MSDN and I don't think ReportClientDocument is part of .NET (too bad).

It would be a good feature to implement...

If you don't mind, I'll just leave this open for awhile.

Again, thanks for the reply.
Hi, it is part of .NET but in the sense that you can use it in .NET applications if you import proper namespaces and reference dlls in your project. To get dlls, you need API that comes with Crystal Enterprise  (Enterprise Embeded Edition in CR 10 has it, and all other editions).

 Look at this link:

 There are different ways to use CR in your .NET project, depending of your edition of CR. You mentioned that you have Crystal Enterprise - well, Embeded Edition is part of it, so you should be able to access that namespaces in your project. You wouldn't find them in MSDN, but look at Business Objects support web site for .NET SDK.

 With over 1000 reports to maintain, I would look for programing solution for maintenance.

Lady Linet

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allanau20Author Commented:
Thanks Lady Linet, I'll check it out and keep you posted.
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