Active Directory login scripts not running on some users profiles.

Current Setup: I have a few users who are logging into the network with a correct domain user account. When some users log into the network (via roaming profiles) they have to run the scrip that is setup for them on the domain controller manually.

These are the steps that they are doing everyday:

1.) Go to the run command and type in \\servername\share
2.) run the .bat file that is listed for that department to map all their drives and user profile drive.

I have looked at the scripts and they seem to be intact and working, reasoning behind this would be because not everyone in the company is having the same issue. I have looked into the user accounts in AD and they are setup correctly to run the .bat file in thier properties dialog box.

here is an example of a user profile:

Profile path: \\servername\profiles$\username
Logon script: sas.bat

home folder: Connect U: to \\servername\username$

Please help on what the issue could be?
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is the sas.bat saved in the Netlogon Share?
You could also do it through Group Policy

Create a Policy for Each Department and Go to User Configuration -- Windows Settings -- Scripts (Logon/Logoff). Double Click Logon.  Click Show Files.  This is where your Batch File should be saved.  Copy it to that location.  Once it is copied Click Add, Click Browse and select the Batch File.
you may want to check DNs resolution - open a command line from the offending compters and try to resolve you domain name - that is ping "domainname" as GPO and logon relies on this infromation

also you would need to check the DFSclient setting on the clients- as the Sysvol is a DFS share point, this may cause an issue- intermittent.

I know in some situations where novell is used the DFS client reigarty setting is changed and cuses issues.

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