Scsi? Error: Queue 6 full, 0 outstanding.

Ok, I am using an adaptec 2120S scsi raid card and a 3ware 7002 ide raid card on CentOS 3.5 (practically RHEL 3).

Sometimes, the O/s will just print "Queue 6 full, 0 outstanding." repeatedly and the server goes dead. Now it could be the scsi drivers, but what I would like to know is how to use new drivers instead of the old ones but not having to compile them into a new kernel.

I have to use the older CentOS 3.5 because plesk does not work with CentOS 4/4.1 (i tried and its not a case of changing /etc/redhat-release, its got a problem with libraries).

CentOS 4/4.1 work perfectly, so i'm assuming for the most part that its the older O/s and therefore the drivers. I assume the newer drivers will be on the 4.1 disks, but I don't know what they will be named (.img?) and where i can put them after i have found them for linux to use them instead.

Any help?
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I'm having this exact same error message on RHEL 3.5.  If I don't partition and format the raid array within a couple of minutes from boot up I get that message over and over till it kills the OS and I have to do a hard reboot.  Its formatting a new 1TB partition this very instant...I hope it finishes and the issue goes away.
AlcedemaAuthor Commented:
Now I know the kernel/aacraid driver that comes with RHEL 4 does not have this problem, so the latest kernel should do the trick, or just recompile the kernel with the latest aacraid driver.
rbiltzCommented: stopped not even half way through and the system is locked up.  I'm trying RHEL 4 update 1.  I hope it makes a difference.

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