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In my asp.net app, I want to change the cursor to WAIT cursor, while the page is processing. Once the page is loaded , it should turn to default cursor. How can I do this?

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>>I want to change the cursor to WAIT cursor
Are you talking about the hourglass cursor? It should do that automatically...
praveenuniAuthor Commented:
nope .. its not doing automatically
If you were using a technology other than asp.net, I'd tell you to use javascript to change the cursor at the very top of the html, then change it back at the very bottom.

Unfortunately asp.net flushes the entire html all at one time, that is, asp.net creates all the html, THEN starts to send it out.  Unless you have a huge HTML page, I really don't think you can do this and have it work like you'd want it to.  The wait cursor would only be up for a split second.
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you're right...the hourglass displays when trying to reach an URL, but if you simply refresh the page or click a button...it doesn't show the hourglass.  I never really noticed!

A cooler solution is to actually show a progress bar.

If you google "asp.net progress bar" or "javascript progress bar"...there are tons of tutorials...some are really fancy looking...

MS has a plain text one as a tutorial:
yes but thre is a solution... look at the code below

...page_load code behind section
response.write("put ur javascript cmd to change the hour glass cursor")
response.flush <--- this will dump ur javascript to change the cursor first
.... all ur long loading code
response.write("your js to clear the hour glass cursor"

i don't really know what is the javascript for changing the cursor in javascript but i believe raterus will be able to give that.

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The problem with that, although I believe it will work on most browsers, is you'll write non-standard code, putting javascript outside <html> tags.  the end product will look like this.

<script language="javascript">
  //Change to Hourglass
<script language="javascript">
  //change back to cursor

If you're ok with this, and no I don't know the code to change cursor :), you'll have to put the last response.write after the page has been sent to the browser, probably Page_Unload will work.
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